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From the smouldering coals and the mystery of a naked flame, to the freedom of the clouds, and everything in between.
Rapture Arts is here to empower, we see the adventure around us and focus on the journey through life- keeping it safe, but making it fun, and unique! 

Lara Johnson


Lara started learning Pole Fitness in 2006. She loved the sense of achievement and empowerment from always achieving new tricks, and by 2007 she was teaching and doing performances in Perth, Western Australia. She travelled around Australia to attend workshops, learning from the best in their field in both circus and pole fitness. Lara has now taught all around Western Australia working alongside some amazing artists. The drive to understand how moves work, led Lara to study her Certificate III and IV in fitness, progressing over ten years later to get Internationally Certified to teach Pole Dance and train in Aerial Yoga instruction. And then to obtain her Certificate IV in Training and Assessing. She has also taught and performed Lyra and other circus acts including aerials at camps and shows in Western Australia and along the east coast of Australia. Lara's day job before opening a pole studio was also high risk, teaching for almost a decade; high ropes, rock climbing and abseiling at camps in Perth. After slowing down to start her family, Lara moved to Margaret River and set up a Pole Fitness Studio- called Rapture Arts, so that she can bring the same sense of achievement, empowerment and gift of flight to more people! Her current drive is to introduce Pole Fitness as a mainstream art. Part of this is by being on the Australian Pole Sport Federation committee to help get the art recognized as a national sport!

What do Rapture Arts do? 

Okay so we are a little eclectic here!

Rapture Arts main focus fundamental movement in a really unique form. Our primary focus being Pole Fitness, however there is so much more to the creative world out there!

We also run toddler gymnastics and circus classes. Circus workshops at events for all ages, including object manipulation, fire twirling, and circus aerials. 
We also run burlesque courses which really break down the how and why we do each move before putting them into routines as well as costuming and act creation workshops. 


Performing has been put on the back burner for a while until the family is a bit older, however, we do still do a few performances a year at events and festivals and this will increase as time goes on. 

Modern Dance Teacher


“Lara is energy and fun for the kids! So many skills shared and learnt during the workshops we held through the youth centre holiday program in Morawa, the kids loved her passion and walked away with heaps of new found skills!

Rapture Arts also performed at our annual Christmas night and was a fire-y hit with everyone!

I highly recommend Lara and Rapture Arts to anyone who wants something a little different and entertainment for the whole community.”

-Marie - Morawa Youth Services - Circus Workshops and Performance-

“Lara is the perfect balance of knowledgeable teacher and fun choreographer.

Right from class one I felt encouraged and supported in my (hilariously clumsy) first attempts at spins and holds. Due to the extremely intimate nature of the class (no more than four people) I had all the one-on-one time I needed to make very quick progress and find a new love in the art of pole dance. I even started to feel pretty sexy after I spun away a bit of that initial awkwardness!

I highly recommend Pole as a modality for anyone looking for a workout or hobby which is equal parts laughter, empowerment and serious muscle-building!

I've referred a few friends to Rapture Art's Pole Classes now and all of them have come back DELIGHTED in their new pass-time. I'll be coming back for more, that's for sure!”

-Emjay- Musician - Pole Fitness Student-

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